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Get more out of your YouTube ad spend.

Running YouTube ads, but not sure if your creative is quite hitting the spot? Combine the power of predictive AI and neuroscience with to make better YouTube ads!

Pre-test ads in minutes; no participants required
Evaluate your ad on three key effectiveness metrics
Derived from analysis of over 10,000 YouTube ads

Trusted by leading brands from all over the world

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Learn what makes a great ad.

Quick and cost-effective

Get more for your budget.

Open up a whole new world of YouTube ad testing that was previously only available through complex and costly Neuromarketing studies.

Unlimited predictions
Instant results
LEarn more
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AI-Powered ad testing for YouTube

Test and optimise your ads before going live


The new way to optimise creative effectiveness

Get faster, scalable and easier YouTube ad insights

Traditional Ad Tests
Time to obtain results
Multiple weeks
10 minutes
Not interactive
Clickable second-by-second scores
Slow and high costs
Simple online platform
Platform specificity
Platform agnostic
Optimised for YouTube
Complex and hard to understand
Easily explainable and shareable

Suitable for all YouTube video ad types and formats

All viewer modes

Make sure your ad grabs attention in all YouTube video player modes. Test your ad in either Desktop, Desktop Theatre or Mobile video player mode.

Multiple ad types

Select an ad type you wish to test for, and Junbi will provide you with a benchmark score compared to only ads of the same ad type.

Diverse benchmark

Thousands of YouTube ads from a range of countries, industries and campaign types, you can ensure that your prediction will have valid and unbiased results.

Scientifically valid and reliable

Our product is based on decades of sound, peer-reviewed research in the fields of consumer neuroscience and AI. We've partnered with leading research institutions such as the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands and MIT in the US to bring you the industry-leading YouTube ad testing platform.


What our clients are saying.

With Junbi we’re able to test unlimited iterations of an ad until we find the perfect ad to tell our story with the biggest impact possible

Lander Vanraes
Art Director, Sunweb Group
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Nicole Keetman

With Junbi, we can optimise more creations much faster in a cost-efficient manner. Moreover, it creates a common language between the marketers of our different brands and sets a good base level for our YT ads. Junbi turns attention into data without constraining creativity.

Nicole Keetman
Brand Research, Randstad
Jen Walters from Dandelion Canada

Imagine predicting every YouTube Ad’s success without constraints of time or budget. We’ve refined our clients’ ads for the best outcomes, whilst keeping the original vision intact.

Jenn Walters
President, Dandelion Canada
Dandelion logo

Junbi has been an absolute game-changer for us when it comes to pre-testing YouTube ads. Before, we would rely on methods like best practice playbooks and checklists, which can be subjective and would often lead to endless discussions.

Martijn Meijering
Strategic Partnerships, Google
Google logo

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