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Predict what will draw your audience's attention, so you can be sure that your most important visual elements are noticed.

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Upload your image or video, create a prediction and generate your results in a matter of seconds.

Through leveraging predictive AI, we've drastically reduced the time and cost required to generate an attention heatmap compared to traditional eye tracking.

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Works for images and video

Drive real impact with smart creative

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Measure the attention on your brand or advertisement

Make sure your ads and content are getting noticed by testing and optimising your marketing assets in context

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A billboard analysed with an heatmap
Make the most of your non-digital channels

Optimise your product packaging, in-store communication and point of sale communications with quick and easy attention prediction

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Experiment and optimize in seconds, not months

Don't wait months to get your experiment results. Quickly compare and evaluate your conversion flows before going live

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Two variations of airbnb UI design analysed with an heatmap
Guide your user's visual journey with data

Test your high-fidelity mockups and make sure you're guiding your users to the right visual elements by A/B testing and validating your visual hierarchy

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Works with all the apps you love


Quickly validate your wireframes and prototypes within Figma.


Quick and easy attention analysis for any website.


Make sure the most important elements in your design are noticed.


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Henrike Reinhardt

Testing with has become an integral aspect of our strategies, emphasising its importance and user-friendly integration. With reliable customer service, is utilised across different countries.

Sjoerd Jagersma
Global (digital) media manager, FrieslandCampina
Henrike Reinhardt

With, there is more testing and it has become a more vital part of our processes because it’s so accessible. Now, I dare anyone to say that they don’t have 2 minutes to test a campaign!

Henrike Reinhardt
Skim Group
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