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Is the partner program right for you?

Our partner program is designed for agencies and service providers looking to offer cutting edge neuroscience and AI-powered solutions to their clients. We'd be a good fit if your work on: 

Consulting & Advisory

You work on and/or advise clients on their marketing, advertising and growth strategies

Production & Creative

You create visual assets and media for your clients to use in campaigns, products or other channels


You work in Neuromarketing and/or Consumer Neuroscience and wish to expand your research offerings to include AI-powered solutions

Our solutions

We make the unconscious conscious with our AI-powered neuromarketing solutions. Learn more how you can leverage our solutions so help your clients make smart decisions.

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Simple and fast attention predictions

Predictive insights for better YouTube ads


Predict attention in your own application


What our partners are saying.

Raleb Kashlook

Junbi has revolutionised our approach to YouTube ad pre-testing, transforming uncertainty into precision. Before Junbi, we relied on subjective best practices and endless discussions. Now, we harness data-driven insights to refine our ads, ensuring they resonate with our audience while preserving our clients' original vision.

Raleb Kashlook
Co-founder at AR-web
Faraz Ijaz

Our collaborative partner brings invaluable expertise and resources to the table, enriching our endeavors with depth and insight. Through our collaboration, we cultivate a symbiotic relationship that fosters innovation, mutual learning, and market leadership. Together, we amplify our impact, reaching new heights of success and driving positive change in our industry.

Faraz Ijaz
CEO at Neurofy logo

Junbi isn't just a tool; it's a partnership that empowers us to achieve unparalleled results. It's been a game-changer, inspiring us to push creative boundaries with confidence.

Ahmed Khalaf
Co-founder at AR-web

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