Don't get lost in the clutter of a feed.

Vanity metrics aren't helping you stand out on a feed. Attention grabbing content does. We help you make sure your social content gets the attention it deserves.

Results in minutes; no participants required
Based on decades of neuroscientific research
Prediction accuracy of 95%, externally validated by MIT
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Trusted by leading brands from all over the world

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Make sure your social assets are cutting through.

Quick and cost-effective

Get more out of your budget.

Make faster, data-driven decisions guided by quick testing and rapid iterations.

Budget-friendly pricing
Instant results
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Make sure you're always getting noticed.

Standing out on social media is getting harder and harder. Make sure your content breaks through the clutter before you publish.

95% Accuracy
Quantify visual attention
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Optimise your YouTube ad spend.

Create your best YouTube ad by predicting performance with - the world's first AI-powered ad testing platform build exclusively for YouTube

Unlimited predictions
Optimised for YouTube
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endless applications

Works for images and videos.


For all your social media testing needs

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Social Ads

Predict attention on your social ads in context

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Thumbnails and previews

Thumbnails are a key element to successful organic content, so make sure yours stand out

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Organic content

Make sure you're getting the most attention from your organic impressions


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Henrike Reinhardt

With, there is more testing and it has become a more vital part of our processes because it’s so accessible. Now, I dare anyone to say that they don’t have 2 minutes to test a campaign!

Henrike Reinhardt
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Is the technology behind scientifically valid?
What would be the outcome when I process an image?
Why is predicting attention important?
What does the Area Of Interest value tell me?
Do my unused credits roll over to the next month?
Do you offer one-off analysis for images or videos?
I'm looking for the pricing for the API plan, where can i see this?
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