You communicate to large audiences, so the stakes are high.

Our Brain reacts in milliseconds. What do people look at in your Ad, and what is their subconscious reaction. 

Our EEG and eye tracking research shows you which aspects of your Ads work and which don't.

Based on this you can make actionable edits, increase impact, avoid failures and reduce costs.


When creating your designs, you often have a clear goal. What do you want to convey?

We measure the brains response to designs to see if it triggers value. Or we help you by measuring what associations people have and show you their relative strength.

We respect the design and creative process, but we know that brain responses can help to substantiate. check and improve.


May we recommend you stop having opinions on Retail?

Start measuring brain responses when people engage with your product, POS or your retail environment. How seductive is your store or your packaging? Which elements grab attention?

And more importantly, does your product evoke desire in the brain? Get actionable insights to influence and drive purchase decisions.