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Our AI and consumer neuroscience solutions help you uncover the unconscious.
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Want to run an eye tracking study, but don't have the time or budget? expoze.io uses AI to predict the outcome of your eye tracking research study, meaning human participants are no longer needed.

This drastically reduces the time it takes to set up your study and generate results. Even better: It makes result delivery almost instant!

Predicting attention has never been easier, nor faster.

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Trying to get the most out of your YouTube ad spend? Junbi is an all-in-one creative insights platform for YouTube ads. Based on the insights of thousands of prior studies with Alpha.One.

Junbi enables you to get second-by-second insights on the performance of your ad creative, and benchmark your ad against thousands of competitors with AI, so you can see how your ad performs up against your competition.

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Transitioning from research to AI

A woman with an EEG cap on participating in a neuromarketing research study

What we did

We measured brain activity to predict human behaviour. We utilised neuroscientific research and optimisation tools like EEG, fMRI and eye tracking to help our clients develop, test and improve their content.

An expoze.io attnetion heatmap of a pepsi ad

What's new?

We still run a smaller number of studies together with our research partners. But now we are mainly focusing on expanding our offering of AI-based neuromarketing software and better understanding how we can predict performance with AI.

A man looking at a board of ideas

What's next?

We aim to remain at the cutting edge of AI and neuroscience innovation. We are looking to continue building the best AI-powered neuromarketing software together with our dedicated and ever-growing user base.


Our story

8 years ago, Alpha.One was born out of a clear need from marketers to make science-driven decisions about the effectiveness of their creative content.

So, we put together a team of the best data and neuroscientists to create a world-leading neuromarketing agency. We employed methods such as fMRI and EEG on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world to help them understand what makes effective content.

However, neuromarketing methods can be expensive and time consuming. But thanks to the significant improvements in AI over recent years, we have been able to shift our focus to developing AI-driven solutions like expoze.io and Junbi.ai that are able to help marketers make informed, science-driven decisions without the need for costly and time consuming research.

Coen Olde Olthof
Coen Olde Olthof, Alpha.One CEO and Janitor

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