Commercials &

When communicating to large audiences, the stakes are always high. Validating large investments with gut feeling and test panels has been the industry standard. Our subconscious reacts in milliseconds. What do people look at and what happens as a consequence of that. It’s important to know which aspects of your creative efforts work best.

That's exactly why we measure responses in the brain. Our tools analyse what triggers engagement and emotions. This helps you to increase the impact and reduce costs.

Brand Strategy &
Creative Concepts

When building your brand, you often have a clear goal. What are the benefits, key values, and personality of the brand? What makes you credible, and stands out? Some of the basic questions you need to address before talking to your audience, and start mingling with competitive brands.

We can measure brand perception. We can't read minds, but we can reveal hidden information. Tools to align your brand strategy and creative concepts with the minds of your audience. We respect the creative process and our aim is to substantiate and improve its impact.

Customer Journeys &

Prospects and customers nowadays expect a flawless (digital) customer journey. When ordering or fulfilling a service request, distractions or confusions have a big impact.

We provide evidence-based improvements. By measuring and using brain response when people engage with their (online) environment. This allows you to boost customer knowledge and optimize journeys and usability. Data driven, measurable and beyond A/B testing.