We're on a mission to re-invent the marketing insights industry

From our roots as a neuromarketing research agency to being a world-leader in predictive marketing insights, our core mission has remained the same: To help marketers get better insights about the effectiveness of their ads and visual assets.

Traditional research and insights methods are holding you back. They're slow, expensive and don't allow you to quickly iterate on your creative at scale.

So we re-invented the marketing insights industry...

Our story

In 2015, Alpha.One was born out of a clear need from marketers to make science-driven decisions about the effectiveness of their creative content.

So, we put together a team of the best data and neuroscientists to create a world-leading neuromarketing agency. We employed methods such as fMRI and EEG on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the world to help them understand what makes effective content. However, as our clients rightly pointed out, neuromarketing methods can be expensive and time consuming.

This led us to change our focus over recent years, partly in thanks to the significant improvements in AI, shifting to developing AI-driven solutions. By combining neuroscience and computer vision, like we do in expoze.io and Junbi.ai, we are able to help marketers make informed, science-driven decisions without the need for costly and time consuming research.

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Some things we are proud of.



Predictions Created

Our predictive models are tried and tested, from YouTube ads to packaging design



Prediction Accuracy

Our saliency predictions are an industry-leading 95% accurate



9 Years of Neuromarketing expertise

Years of research, benchmarking and learning - culminated in better, AI-powered insights

Over 1000+ happy customers trust our insights
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Meet the team behind Alpha.One

Working hard behind the scenes to bring you the best AI-powered insights.

Coen Olde Olthof
Founder, Sales & Storytelling
Daan van der Wiele
Co-Founder, Marketing & Product
Coert van Gemeren
AI & Technology
Sonja Borsboom
Damian Pandolfo
Nandini Agarwal
Vadim Balakhanov
Emily Gann
Customer Success
Ingrid Nieuwenhuis
Ale Smidts
Research Partner, Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University
Proudly partnered with leading research institutions