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Is the education program right for you?

At Alpha.One, in line with our mission of making neuromarketing methods more accessible, we aim to make our products available to participating educational institutes, educators and students at a student-friendly price.


You are a student in marketing, design, neuroscience or a related field and your assignments require you to measure consumers' response to visual stimuli

Teachers & Professors

You teach students or define the curriculum of a course that involves the use of neuroscientific techniques in a marketing context


You work in Neuromarketing and/or Consumer Neuroscience research and wish to expand your methods to include AI-powered solutions

Our solutions

We make the unconscious conscious with our AI-powered neuromarketing solutions. Learn more how you can leverage our solutions so help your students make smart decisions.

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Simple and fast attention predictions

Predictive insights for better YouTube ads


Predict attention in your own application

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