Optimize your ads with predictive AI

Don’t have time to run an expensive research study for your YouTube ad? Test and benchmark your ad in minutes with Junbi!

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Join the growing number of brands optimising with Junbi.

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Get the most out of YouTube ads.

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Benchmark your campaigns

See how you stack up against thousands of other YouTube ads

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Simple, scalable & fast

Fully AI-powered, no participants needed. Test unlimited ads and get instant results

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Boost your ROAS

Optimise ad spend with frame-by-frame insights on what works and what doesn’t

Quick and cost-effective

Get more for your budget.

Open up a whole new world of YouTube ad testing that was previously only available through complex and costly Neuromarketing studies.

Unlimited predictions
Instant results
An animated gif of the Heineken brand being detected, overlayed on an attention heatmap in Junbi.ai
A visual of a YouTube analysed with an attention heatmap and annotated with cognitive ease and ad breakthrough scores
Innovate and optimise

Push your creative boundaries.

Quickly test and validate new versions of your ad, find out what works, and ensure maximum impact.

Visual heatmaps
Second-by-second results
Measure what matters

Understand what makes your ad effective.

Measure the attention on your brand

Your audience will only remember what they have seen, so you need to make sure your brand is getting enough attention. The Brand Attention score lets you easily measure and quantify brand attention to optimise your brand recall.

An example of a brand being detected in Junbi.ai with a brand attention score
Ensure your ad breaks through the clutter

Make sure your ad is grabbing attention while competing with surrounding visuals. The Ad Breakthrough score places your ad in a contextual setting and measures how well it stands out.

An example of an ad tested in context in Junbi.ai to calculate the ad breakthrough score
Make sure your ad is clear and easy to process

A visually complex ad is difficult to process and remember. The Cognitive Ease score measures how easy your ad is to digest and recall.

An example of a cognitive ease score in Junbi.ai

What our clients are saying.

With Junbi we’re able to test unlimited iterations of an ad until we find the perfect ad to tell our story with the biggest impact possible

Lander Vanraes
Art Director, Sunweb Group
Sunweb Group logo
Denise Kenter

Junbi is my go-to tool when it comes to pre-testing YouTube videos. It works easily, quickly, and if something unexpectedly doesn't quite work as intended, the team is ready to resolve it. Very nice! Testing in Junbi has become an important part of the campaign process!

Denise Kenter
Principal Brand Experience Marketeer, Randstad Group
Martijn Meijering

Junbi has been an absolute game-changer for us when it comes to pre-testing YouTube ads. Before, we would rely on methods like best practice playbooks and checklists, which can be subjective and would often lead to endless discussions.

Martijn Meijering
Strategic Partnerships, Google
Google logo
Nicole Keetman

With Junbi, we can optimise more creations much faster in a cost-efficient manner. Moreover, it creates a common language between the marketers of our different brands and sets a good base level for our YT ads. Junbi turns attention into data without constraining creativity.

Nicole Keetman
Brand Research, Randstad
Jen Walters from Dandelion Canada

Imagine predicting every YouTube Ad’s success without constraints of time or budget. We’ve refined our clients’ ads for the best outcomes, whilst keeping the original vision intact.

Jenn Walters
President, Dandelion Canada
Dandelion logo
Raleb Kashlook

Junbi has revolutionised our approach to YouTube ad pre-testing, transforming uncertainty into precision. Before Junbi, we relied on subjective best practices and endless discussions. Now, we harness data-driven insights to refine our ads, ensuring they resonate with our audience while preserving our clients' original vision.

Raleb Kashlook
Co-founder at AR-web

A platform you can trust.

95% Accurate
Scientifically valid

Powered by our proprietary visual salience prediction platform with an accuracy score of 95% relative to traditional eye tracking.

100% GDPR Compliant
No user data collected

Junbi is a fully AI-powered predictive platform. That means no user data collection, no cookies, and no privacy and compliance headaches.

10,000+ Tested Ads
Diverse benchmark

Based on the Neuroscientific tests of over 10,000 ads, we distilled the three best predictive measurements and made them the basis of Junbi.

Join the growing number of marketers using Junbi to get an edge.

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