IN-Store testing

Ensure your customers see the assets you want them to see.

Don't rely on gut instinct and opinions to optimise your retail environment. Guide your customers attention to the right products and start driving revenue and turnover.

Find out what your customer sees, without needing them to participate
Quantify how much attention your products, shelves or in store materials get
Prediction accuracy of 95%, externally validated by MIT
example retail store analysed with heatmap

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Why optimise your store with attention prediction?

Quick and cost-effective

Quickly test and validate before launch.

Launching a new promotion or campaign in store? Make sure your assets don't get lost in the clutter by predicting and optimising for visual attention

Budget-friendly pricing
Instant results
LEarn more
Example of a retail POS analysed with an heatmap

Improve your point of sale displays

A/B test and optimise your displays to maximise impact at the point of purchase

95% Accuracy
Quantify visual attention
LEarn more
endless applications

See through the eyes of your customer


Test any product, shelf or signage

Wayfinding signs analysed with an attention heatmap
Wayfinding and in-store signage

Help your customers get to what they need by predicting what gets noticed

In-store shelf analysed with attention heatmap
Shelf optimisation

Test your products the way consumers would see them, and ensure you're standing out from the competition

Product packaging analysed with an attention heatmap
Product packaging

Have you perfected the visual hierarchy on your product packaging?


What our clients are saying

Henrike Reinhardt

With, there is more testing and it has become a more vital part of our processes because it’s so accessible. Now, I dare anyone to say that they don’t have 2 minutes to test a campaign!

Henrike Reinhardt
Skim Group
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What does the Area Of Interest value tell me?
Do my unused credits roll over to the next month?
Do you offer one-off analysis for images or videos?
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