Neuromarketing World Forum (NMWF) 2019 in Rome

NMWF MARCH 13 - 15 

This year Alpha.One attends and sponsors the Neuromarketing World Forum exhibition in Rome, March 13 - 15.

On Day 2 at 11:15 our Scientific Director Dr. Roeland Dietvorst gives you insights in the ROI of Neuromarketing Techniques.

With an inspiring session he will interact with the audience addressing the following subjects:
- Uplifts in relative effects and estimation of actual profit margins involved
- Calculating the real impact of marketing by building a marketing mix model
- Understanding when Neuromarketing is predictive beyond traditional measures

Meet us at our stand in the main hall for a chat and a cup of coffee. Let us know what fits then we will find the right date to proceed.

See for more information: Dr. Roeland Dietvorst @NMWF 2019