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Description and objectives
Alpha.One is a company that uses state of the art brain measuring technology to assess consumer engagement with digital media, such as images or video. Our science team consists of neuroscientists and AI specialists. We are interested in creating predictive models of brain responses measured with EEG and/or fMRI signals. The project consists of devising a suitable task for measuring emotive brain responses, performing EEG measurements and comparing (existing) standard DSP approaches to predictive models created with deep learning (CNNs). In particular we would like to show the efficacy of classifying basic emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise) using deep CNNs, induced by watching short clips of video. Due to the limited availability of data, this is a very challenging task which will involve the application of transfer learning techniques to pre-trained models in the case of predictive deep learning models, with which Alpha.One has experience. The student will ideally produce a thesis which, if of sufficient quality, can be turned into an article that can be published in a relevant scientific journal. The thesis clearly explains the methods used, comparative experimentation and a discussion of the found results. Next to the thesis the student will produce a data processing pipeline using relevant technologies from neuroscience and AI. The estimated duration of the project is 6 months.

Required skills
Required: Basic programming skills, basic knowledge of EEG systems and measurements
Non-essential but great if you know a bit of it: Matlab, Python, Tensorflow

English (Intermediate)

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Monthly salary
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Other benefits and/or compensation
Alpha.One is a young company with enthusiastic neuro, AI (and music) nerds. We are on the top floor in the city center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where you can enjoy quite a spectacular view over the city. We have Barista grade coffee machines and a balcony to enjoy the coffee.

We offer fitting compensation for your work here.